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//lol all my recommended blogs are doctor who muses, but none of them can smut and I’m just sitting here like awwwh but whyyy :C

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   Ken could only whimper, as he arched off the bed, his two fingers rubbing at his entrance, biting down on his lower lip. “P—Please,” He gasped out, his hips rutting against the bed.

Swiping his tongue across his lips, Joe steps into the room and kicks the door shut with his foot. Undressing his coat, he drops it on the dresser and makes his way towards the bed, his eyes never leaving the boy. “Been going at it a while?” he wonders with a slight smirk, before settling behind him on the bed, his hands gliding over the back of Ken’s thighs.

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"Can you help me with the shower? I need a hand, Joe." She said with a little smile on her face.


"Sure thing, darling. I know sometimes it can get stuck." He grins, entering the bathroom and walking over to the tub. Switching from the bath, he turns the shower on without too much effort and stands back up. "Anything else I can do for you?"

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"Would you like some help with that, love?" Joe asks, his eyes wandering greedily over the naked form of the other. He was programmed to please, and he was willing to do just about anything to do that. "Please... I promise it’ll be worth it.”


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"Nice to meet someone who doesn’t. Especially someone, well who looks like yourself." Blushing at his own forward nature, Sam followed after the mecha, much like a child and a teacher around a museum. "Is there anyway I can thank you?" image

Joe grins appreciatively from his compliment, glancing back towards the human, his eyes lingering on the boy’s lips. “You could always thank me with a kiss from those sweet lips of yours.” He gives him a wink.

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